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Eugene M., Menlo Park, CA 9/14/2010
admin - 08/22/2013

Instar and our service technician, Mark Kingman, were excellent! Unlike some other companies (i.e. Orkin) who were unable or willing to help, Mark came to analyze the situation and found a solution to my yellowjacket problem. And believe me, I had a doozy of a yellowjacket problem. Mark was also very considerate of the fact that my wife was 8 months pregnant at the time, and he couldn't just spray chemicals throughout the attic. Instead, Mark used a "green", organic-based solution. Mark also came back a week later to re-apply the solution to make sure all the yellowjackets were gone and then he filled in the gaps with caulking.

Mark and Instar Pest Consultants Inc., are always willing to answer questions over the phone dealing with all sorts of pest control issues. Trust me, being available by phone is a rare and invaluable service because some others (i.e. Western Exterminator) never return phone calls. 

Eugene M., Menlo Park, CA 9/14/2010

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