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Gary M. Banks, Palo Alto, CA 9/3/13 09/03/2013
Instar Pest Consultants, (Mark & Loretta Kingman) have been a friend and professional business man for over 22 years since we met. He is knowledgeable, dependable, and timely. Our company…  more
Lupe, San Jose, CA 8/27/2013 08/28/2013
Quiero hacer publico mi agradecimiento al Sr. Mark Kingman of Instar Pest Control por ser tan amable y profesional las veces que ha venido a matar todos los bichos que…  more
Lisa T., San Jose, CA 11/10/2010 08/28/2013
Instar Pest Consultants Inc. was the best decision I made when I needed someone to get rid of the roach infestation at my place. The technician was knowledgable, quick, efficient,…  more
Martha, San Jose, CA 8/27/13 08/28/2013
I have been doing business with Instar Pest Consultants Inc. for over twenty years in the same property. Instar has always been very responsible to our needs and does a…  more
Eugene M., Menlo Park, CA 9/14/2010 08/22/2013
Instar and our service technician, Mark Kingman, were excellent! Unlike some other companies (i.e. Orkin) who were unable or willing to help, Mark came to analyze the situation and found…  more
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