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Residential Pest Control Services 08/20/2013
At Keystone Pest Control, we start protecting your home by conducting a thorough inspection with a focus on areas that attract pests or allow them access to your house. We’ll offer you advice about how you can control pests through preventative steps, and our technicians will perform an initial treatment…  more
We use the following methods to keep pests out of your home 08/20/2013
Ant Control Ant control has never been this successful! Our treatment for ant control using Termidor® is unsurpassed in obtaining 100% elimination of the ant colonies around and underneath your home or business. Termidor is brought back to the ant’s colony producing total elimination--GUARANTEED!! Call us for a free quote to rid…  more
Insects also love gay 08/20/2013
Sex life of insects has long been regarded as relatively simple with the provocative dancing, belly and knitting together a "love" on the forest floor lightning. However, a survey New research on the "relationship" gay insects showed that such activities do not just mean in terms of mating. >>> Features "are" animal…  more
The mosquito "horror" did not even suck blood 08/20/2013
Mosquitoes snow, water mosquito, Culex Midge ... mosquitoes are not vampires, but too often people "massacre". Did you know that mosquitoes do not burn well known and generally liked only female mosquitoes suck blood, while males prefer nectar just like bees and butterflies do not? Here are some burning mosquito did not…  more
Why are spider traps insects? 08/20/2013
Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley (USA) have discovered spider trap flying insects (such as butterflies, dragonflies ...) by electrostatic attraction - is produced when the fluttering insects. Photo: Previously, scientists had amazed outstanding characteristics of spider silk fibers with ultra durable is used to trap prey,…  more
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